India: Departure

A day full of such mixed emotions!
Firstly and fore-mostly, I am excited. I have been waiting to do this for what seems like forever now, and I almost can’t believe it’s really happening. I finish packing up my things, and I’m trying my very very best not to bring anything I don’t need.
It feels impossible for one to know how many t-shirts they will need in a year. I manage to pack all of my stuff in one bag and it looks like I still have a little bit of space to do some shopping in India, which we all know is going to happen as soon as I get there.

Mom, Dad, and Sev all come with me to the airport to say goodbye. I am the most awkward person in the world when it comes to saying goodbye. I’ve been avoiding this subject all day. I always dread this time, the same way I dread the time to open presents, because I get equally awkward for both occasions.
Like every mother, mine is worried, even after casting a travel protection spell on me (twice) the night before, and reading my tarot cards. I don’t want to cry, but I do a little.

I board the plane and I have a deec seat. For 10 minutes I was convinced the seat next to me would stay empty. They even closed the plane doors!! So close, but then some lady who decided to be late casually walked on and sat down in my empty seat. Grrr. There are also crying babies everywhere, classic.

I don’t sleep. I watch Spider-Man: the new one with the guy from The Social Network and Emma Stone. It’s awful. I write in my travel journal too, because I am keeping multiple forms of documentation of what I’m doing out here, or at least trying.

I have nothing exciting to say yet, sorry folks. The plane is hot, smelly, stuffy and the food sucks. What plane ride isn’t like that?

Plane number two, Brussels to Delhi, is better in the sense that I get an aisle seat, and am at the front of the plane so I have lots of leg room. Unfortunately, I learned that “lots of leg room” is just a fancy way of saying “you’re right by the emergency exit so it’s freezing cold, and the bathroom is right in front of you so it’s extra smelly”. I legit have to ask for two blankets just in order to fall asleep because my feet are too numb to do so otherwise. I do finally sleep a little though, and wake up somewhere over Afghanistan. (For those of you who are lost with a map, that is pretty close, about an hour and a half away)

The plane lands, I go through customs and get my backpack. I step outside of the airport to find my ride to the hostel, and holy shit.

I am in India.

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