Canada: Whale Watching in Smoke

The smoke from Washington’s wildfires is so widespread that it’s billowing over the border into Canada. We watched it slowly turn the sky grey from the bank last night. And woke up this morning to the smell and thick, heavy air.

Canada: Enchanted Forests & ‘Boutique’ Hotels

Our final job site is all the way out on Vancouver island. Instead of lugging the trailer across on the ferry we’re treating ourselves to a few days away in a motel. We’re loving trailer life, but I can’t pretend I’m not looking forward to a real shower. And a wall separating literally any of these spaces: bedroom/bathroom/living room/kitchen.

Canada: Hanging Bridges

One of the benefits to having work after hours, is that we have all day to explore! Except for some time spent working on reports and preparing for the next bank, we have the entire day to check out Vancouver. Our horrible “campsite” (square of pavement) is minutes away from the historic Capilano Suspension Bridge. We almost went the other day, totally forgetting it was the long weekend. I called to book tickets and the guy on the phone basically begged me not to come – I could hear screaming children in the background. It didn’t take much to convince me that a weekday was the better choice.

Canada: Being in Charge of the Bank

For most of our journey thus far I’ve been visiting banks during office hours. I walk around the whole building checking to make sure any asbestos-containing materials are in good condition and not giving people mesothelioma. You may not know this, but not all asbestos is dangerous just because it’s there.

Canada: City Camping and East Hastings

We’ve made it to Vancouver! The last stop (sort of) for the trip. There’s just a few more job sites in the city, and the last one will be on Vancouver Island. From there we’re just heading back, but taking a slightly different route along the southern Trans-Canada highway so we can hit Banff. 

Canada: 100 Mile House & Other Unique Towns

This unusual job is taking us all over the country to places I would have never otherwise been to, or maybe even heard of. For example, we’re now on our way from Quesnel, BC, to 100 Mile House.

Canada: Jasper and Mt. Robson

We’ve made it to the mountains! Stopped in Jasper for one night to catch up with one of my friends, and take in some of the stunning views. When we came through last year I promised Chesney bears, moose, goats, elk, and all the other Rocky Mountain regulars. But we saw nothing – like literally nothing. I think we saw one goat or something.

Canada: Couriers to Edmonton

So that bottle of acetone that spilled everywhere? We had a replacement sent to my aunt and uncle in Edmonton via FedEx. Only… when I got the “delivered” e-mail, it seems that wasn’t the whole truth. The package was nowhere to be found.

Canada: Work Schedules and Tacos

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we’re here for work because we spend so much time in the car looking at beautiful landscapes. But this week is so go-go-go, there’s no way around our work being all consuming. It’s also easy to forget we’re still freelance writing part-time. I’ll admit that on more than one occasion I’ve remembered I have an article deadline just a few hours before hand, and had to scramble to get it done. Whoops! 

Canada: Masks and Meadow Lake

No one out here is wearing a mask. We noticed a shift even before we left Ontario, with people in smaller towns walking around like there’s no pandemic devastating the world. But once we got to Manitoba it was like a parallel universe, and it’s only continued as we’ve moved further West.  Here, we’re more of a pariah for wearing masks than not wearing them. I think it makes people think we’re feeling sick. But we feel just fine and even got tested for COVID before we left! Don’t worry, we obviously both tested negative.